A Ray of Fitness was opened in 2008 by Raylee Mahony.  Raylee has worked in the industry for over 20 years. She discovered fitness after a life changing illness days following the birth of her son, at the tender age of 20. Three days after Jayden's birth, Raylee was rushed back to hospital with life threatening blood clots.  Doctors discovered a blood clot the size of a banana blocking her main vein. The doctors initially believed that due to the size, positioning and damage caused, that a positive recovery for  Raylee was not likely. Miracles happen and her clever body created its own bypass by bursting into surface veins transporting life saving blood flow to her vital organs.

"After 11 weeks in hospital, I had to learn to walk on my painful legs again. Day one I could walk to my door. Day two, up the hall and within a month, I could walk to the car park of a local gym. I was told that the only way to save my incompetent leg was to get fit and build muscle. However, gyms scared me! After walking to the car park of the local gym for a month, the cranky owner yelled out, "Are you coming in one day or not!"

I finally had the courage to walk in the door and explain my story about how I could not afford to join. He immediately offered a position behind the counter selling memberships.

I felt excited talking with people daily. It didn't take long to see that I had found my calling. The cranky man caught me watching his wife teaching a class and yelled at me to stop. When he approached with steam pouring from his ears, his asked, "Is that what you want?". I immediately answered YES. He then offered to pay for my training and garnish my wages.

The rest is history. I worked in many large commercial gyms in Newcastle. I realised that people enjoyed it for a while but they didn't stay. I knew that I could create a place like home, where people felt safe to be themselves without judgement. I found an old Montessori School where I could raise my children and run my business from home. I knew all my dreams had come true. In the past 7 years my humble studio has created this amazing community of people. Friendships are formed, tears are shared, goals are achieved, support is given and "coming home" was created. There are no pretty facilities or fancy machines but there are REAL results, REAL friendships and REAL people.

After starting as a freestyle instructor and then becoming a qualified Les Mills, Spin, Boxing and Crossfit Trainer, I have found a sample of all my years of experience has created my unique style. There are no crazy moves, just functional movements that will assist in your day to day life.

I recently completed my Yoga teachers training with Yoga Loft Newcastle. I am now starting Baron Baptise Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga. The benefits of this beautiful practise are increased muscle strength, increase strength and mobility in our connective tissues, balance, increase flexibility along with relation and meditation.

I understand some days it will be tough to get out of bed and sometimes you will want to punch me in the face, BUT I promise it will be worth it.  Remember, NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES. I am passionate about delivering enjoyable fitness in a nurturing environment. A balance of consistent training and motivation is the key. This is my 100% money back guarantee - If you implement my years of experience into your life, you will see positive changes.

As a mum of three children, Jayden 21, Paris 11, Summer 9, this is not just a way to create an income, it is my "dharma" life.

Now just call me!!!

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Ray Ray